Peter van Doorn en Sylvie Charlier

La Maison des Druides
lieu dit Le Bas Boulay
Rouperroux, Basse-Normandie, France
Telephone: +33 233319145

1. Reservation
1.1 You can book on the website by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or via the reservation form.
1.2 A reservation request is accepted if it has been confirmed by La Maison des Druides by sending the invoice.
1.3 A reservation is registered and not transferable to third parties.
1.3 Within 2 weeks after sending the confirmation and the invoice, 40% of the rent has to be paid. The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period.
1.4 In case of short-term reservation, from 8 weeks or less before the start of the rental period, the rent to be paid must be paid at once, no later than 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice and in any case before the start of the rental period.
1.5 In case of late payment La Maison des Druides is entitled to cancel the reserved holiday home. Funds that have already been paid will not be refunded. The cancellation conditions are then in full force.
1.6 We do not require a deposit. We trust that any damage to the house, furniture etc. will be reported to us and reimbursed.
1.7 The French government charges a tourist tax for the stay. This amounts € 0,20 per night for persons aged 13 and older.

2. Cancellation by the tenant
2.1 Cancellations must be communicated in writing or by e-mail to La Maison des Druides. Immediately upon receipt of the cancellation, La Maison des Druides will send a cancellation confirmation / bill.
2.2 In the event of cancellation up to 12 weeks before the start of the rental period, the rent already paid will be fully refunded to the tenant.
2.3 In case of cancellation up to 8 weeks before the start of the rental period, 40% of the rent will be charged.
2.4 In case of cancellation within 8 weeks but 4 or more weeks before the start of the rental period, 60% of the rent will be charged.
2.5 In the event of cancellation within 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, the fully invoiced amount will be due.
2.6 All money paid will be settled and immediately paid in accordance with the cancellation provisions and the cancellation note.
2.7 The accommodation costs are due for the entire reserved period, even if you come later or leave earlier.
2.8 We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

3. Cancellation by La Maison des Druides
3.1 If any circumstance necessitates La Maison des Druides to cancel the already rented holiday home, this will be immediately notified to the tenant and, if possible, with the offer of an alternative. If this alternative is not accepted by the tenant, or if it is not possible to offer an alternative by La Maison des Druides, La Maison des Druides will immediately refund the amount already paid by the tenant. The tenant does not have any more or other right than to reclaim this amount.

4. Liability of the tenant
4.1 During the stay in the holiday home the tenant is fully liable for the rented holiday home, the furnishing and all items belonging to the rented property and damage caused by the tenant and / or by his travel companions, fully compensated by the tenant to become, immediately and to the landlord.
4.2 La Maison des Druides reserves in advance the right to still hold the tenant liable if a damage is not, or not properly, reported and paid locally. All related costs are fully at the expense of the tenant.
4.3 If the tenant does not act as a good tenant or causes hindrance or nuisance to the environment, the tenant may be denied further access to the rented property. The lease is then automatically considered dissolved, whereby no claim can be made on repayment of the rent.
4.4 In the holiday home there is an information folder with house rules and instructions regarding the house and equipment. The tenant must inform himself of this after arrival. These regulations and instructions are indissolubly part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly observed.

5. Liability of La Maison des Druides
5.1 Staying at and using the facilities at La Maison des Druides is entirely at your own risk.
5.2 La Maison des Druides can not accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury, of any kind whatsoever, caused to or by tenants of La Maison des Druides.
We can not accept liability for inconveniences arising from changes in the situation.
5.3 Obvious errors or mistakes in the description or prices of the accommodations offered by La Maison des Druides do not bind La Maison des Druides.

6. Stay
6.1 The rental of the holiday homes at La Maison des Druides is in principle from Saturday to Saturday. In the low season you can deviate from this on request if possible. You can move the holiday home between 15.00 and 21.00 on the first day of stay. On the day of departure you must have left the house before 11.00 am.
6.2 Bed linen, kitchen linen and administrative costs are included in the rent.
The costs for the final cleaning are mandatory and must be paid in cash before departure, as well as any extra costs for dinners, drinks, towels etcetera. We cannot accept a PIN or credit card.
6.3 You must respect the maximum number of persons mentioned in the description of the holiday homes on our website.
6.4 It is not allowed to rent the holiday home to third parties.
6.5 The holiday homes are located on a domain that you share with other guests. The privacy and (overnight) rest of the other guests must be respected, as well as the property of them and of La Maison des Druides.
6.6 It is not allowed to smoke in the holiday homes and the common areas at La Maison des Druides.

7. Dogs
7.1 Dogs are allowed at La Maison des Druides after consultation.
7.2 Dangerous dogs (category 1 and category 2, see: are not allowed.
7.2 The dog must be vaccinated and must have a flea collar.
7.3 Your pet must be vaccinated according to the conditions of the EU.
7.4 A pet passport is compulsory.
7.5 You must walk the dog outside the premises.
7.6 The dog must have a good relationship with other animals.
7.7 The dog must be housebroken.
7.8 The dog must be on a leash on the premises at all times.                          
7.9 Dogs are not allowed on the sheep pasture. This is indicated on the entrance gates.

8 Swimming pond & swimming pool
8.1 The use of the swimming pond or swimming pool is free and can only be used by the tenants and owners of La Maison des Druides.
8.2 The swimming pond and swimming pool are not monitored and users are responsible for any accidents.
8.3 Children are always supervised by their parents or guardians with whom they travel.
8.4 Sharp objects are prohibited in the swimming pond and swimming pool.
8.5 Animals and plants in the swimming pond must be respected at all times and it is strictly forbidden to remove plants and / or kill or injure animals in the pond.
8.6 The swimming pond is a natural ecosystem. It is therefore not permitted to use chemical sunscreen if the swimming pond is used. Organic sunscreen is allowed! It is advisable to wear a t-shirt in the swimming pond.

9 Farm animals present at La Maison des Druides
9.1 The following animals are present at La Maison des Druides: dog, cats, sheep, chickens, bees.
9.2 The welfare of our animals must be respected at all times.
9.3 It is not allowed to take dogs on the sheep pasture (loose or on a lead).
9.4 Our animals love hugs, but don’t handle them roughly. They need rest and so don’t run after them.
9.5 The animals may not be fed just like that! Some plants can cause diseases or even be fatal.
9.6 Children may pet the animals, but always under the guidance of their parents or guardians.
9.7 The tenants are themselves responsible for any accidents involving the animals.